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How to Use Amazon AWS for Landings

  • 27th Apr 2016

In my previous posts I mentioned several times about a possibility of using Amazon AWS, but I didn’t have a chance to write a guide about it. Well, let’s fix that.

I’ve already told about cloudflare CDN in another article, now it’s time to be more detailed about the most famous and popular service at the moment — Amazon AWS. I won’t give general info about it

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What is the Best Place to Host a Landing Page? DigitalOcean + Serverpilot = Build Your Own LAMP Server

  • 30th Mar 2016

Mia, where do you keep your landings? What web-hosting is better? What variant is more profitable?

Actually, this is probably one of the most popular questions ever asked to me. There is no definite answer. You can host landings on AWS or place them on a separate server. Both variants are quite reasonable, and the final choice is up to you. I’ll just add that for hosting landings I prefer using

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How to Use CloudFlare CDN Service as a DNS Hoster

  • 21st Mar 2016

In this article I’ll tell you how to move your domains to CloudFlare DNS. How will that help us? It’s simple: our landings will be faster and they won’t be connected to DNS of a hoster or registrar. That’s advantageous for us because as we all know extra optimization makes ROI grow.

So, let’s start.

CloudFlare has several membership types, and a free account is absolutely enough for hosting of

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