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Trello – a Universal Tool for Affiliates

  • 8th May 2017


Today I’ll share info about an exciting tool for work organization, Trello. You can find many helpful articles about this tool in Google, and I’ll hardly describe all of its functions, so don’t consider this article a review. This is more like an attempt to help you organize your business with

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AdPlexity Native: Review and $50 Discount Coupon

  • 2nd Apr 2017


Today I will share with you a new review and, traditionally, a brand new coupon code that will entitle you to a discount of $50 in a recently opened service dedicated to spying on your clients. It has been launched by guys from the AdPlexity service that you already know, but

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Cloaking. What’s that, why do we need it and how to use it

  • 8th Mar 2017


This article will be useful for newbies and those who only make first steps in affiliate marketing, have heard the scary word “cloaking”, but have no idea yet what it means, whether it’s needed or no and how to set up their own cloaker. Experienced users will not find any secrets in this article.

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Popup & redirect traffic — what is it and how does it work?

  • 4th Oct 2016

In this guide I’ve tried to put together everything I have written before and structure the data on working with redirect and popup traffic.
A bit of theory:
Pop Up – when a user visits a site or clicks a link on a site, their browser opens an additional window where the user sees our landing.
Redirect — while visiting a site a user is redirected to our landing (this

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Detailed Examination of Top Landing for Installs

  • 24th Aug 2016

Today I’m going to have a detailed examination of a top landing for app installations and look at the code and scripts that help increasing CR. In general, the aim of this article is to help people create their own landing, even if they are unfamiliar with HTML and JS and find it very frustrating to see all those unknown symbols in the HTML code.

Every newbie thinks that now he

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How to Use CloudFlare CDN Service as a DNS Hoster

  • 21st Mar 2016

In this article I’ll tell you how to move your domains to CloudFlare DNS. How will that help us? It’s simple: our landings will be faster and they won’t be connected to DNS of a hoster or registrar. That’s advantageous for us because as we all know extra optimization makes ROI grow.

So, let’s start.

CloudFlare has several membership types, and a free account is absolutely enough for hosting of

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  • 8th Jan 2016

I’m Mia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I’ve been working as a full time affiliate marketer for more than 2 years.

After reading some forums and learning from great STM experts and bloggers I started running mobile pin submits on display traffic and hit my first $200/daily campaign.

Then I mastered android installs with redirect/pop traffic sources.
It resulted in $1k+/daily caimpaign profits. I also have experience in pins, sweeps, app installs and more.

Now I

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