Review of the Best Tool for Spying on Competitors + a Small Case Study + ‘Ruaffiliate’ Discount Coupon (- $50).

  • 21st Feb 2016

It looks like a “mission impossible” for a novice to make first steps in affiliate marketing without any help. Without a doubt, skills of spying on competitors, analyzing offers and affiliate networks are very handy in such case. Stuff like what do others work with, how long and so on can be very useful. Analytics is the basis of arbitrary marketing for both novices and profs. In this article I’ll tell you about the service which is, in my opinion, the best tool for upgrading your spying skills. Moreover, I’ll share a coupon on a life-long discount of $50! So, without further ado, let me introduce

I already announced this killer tool previously, but I’ll remind you in short the main features declared before the release:
• The first and only service with spying by operators available;
• With just one click the service will find ads from nearly 100 CPA networks;
• Any landing can be downloaded immediately in .zip, including .html .css and javascript. There’s no more need to rip it;
• Supports 75 countries and 120 operators;
• Spies on banners in Android apps (InMobi, MillennialMedia, LeadBolt, Airpush, StartApp networks);
• Spies on popup networks (AdCash, PopAds, PopCash, PropellerAds);
• Super fast search (by key words, advertisers, pubs, offer networks) and more.

Now let’s look closer and see what’s so surprising about this new service and what does it offer after the release:


75 Countries

I am not sure about 75 countries, I counted 72, but I think the rest is near at hand. At the moment, the following countries are present:

United States of America, India, Italy, France, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Germany, China, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Viet Nam, Norway, Thailand, Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Argentina, South Africa, Russian Federation, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Bahrain, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Czech Republic, Portugal, Pakistan, Hungary, Belgium, Chile, Belarus, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Qatar, Jordan, Ecuador, Iraq, Kuwait, Australia, Nicaragua, Peru, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Serbia, Nigeria, Greece, Panama, Paraguay, Ireland, Latvia, Ghana, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand

120 Operators

Yes, you’re right, the service spies under real IP of real operators. That means that we can watch and study offers of mobile subscriptions on advertiser’s services (pin submit). The following operators are available:

WIFI, Verizon US, Orange FR, AirTel IN, Reliance IN, Telcel MX, TATA DOCOMO IN, TIM IT, SFR FR, Telkomsel ID, Vivo BR, AT&T US, Vodafone IN, Oi BR, MegaFon RU, Vodafone TR, Etisalat AE, INDOSAT ID, Telus CA, Viettel VN, TIM BR, KDDI JP, China Unicom CN, MobiFone VN, IDEA IN, STC SA, Vodafone IT, Claro CO, TOT TH, China Telecom CN, Vinaphone VN, SMARTFREN ID, Movistar AR, Bouygues FR, 3 ID, Pelephone IL, Vodafone ES, zain BH BH, life:) BY, Orange ES, MTS RU, China Mobile CN, AIS TH, 3Mob UA, Turkcell TR, Vodafone NL, O2 DE, Ufone PK, XL ID, movistar CL, Vodafone DE, Telstra AU, Celcom MY, Orange PL, Maxis MY, Vodafone EG, du AE, NOS PT, Claro DO, Wind IT, Mobily SA, M1 SG, CNT Mobile EC, Avea TR, Telkom ZA, ooredoo QA, Globe PH, Claro GT, O2 CZ, Beeline RU, Orange IL, Vodacom ZA, Movistar PE, Claro CL, Tigo PY, Orange JO, P1 MY, Plus PL, Play PL, Proximus BE, Yes MY, Personal AR, TDC DK, Viva KW, Cable & Wireless PA, Claro Puerto Rico PR, Claro AR, T-Mobile HU, T-Mobile CZ, Umniah JO, KPN NL, DNA FI, Tricom DO, Vodafone GH, Vodafone PT, T-Mobile PL, MTS BY, Telenor HU, E-Plus DE, Dialog LK, Mobitel LK, 3 SE, Telenor SE, MTS UA, Sunrise CH, Vodafone IE, Grameenphone BD, StarHub SG, Vodafone RO, Vodafone HU, Vodafone CZ, Tigo GT, DiGi MY, velcom BY, Vivacom BG, Telenor RS, MTN ZA, U Mobile MY, Vip HR, MTN NG, Tigo CO, Cell C ZA, Swisscom CH, Telenor NO, Vodafone GR, Vodafone AU, Vodafone NZ

100 Affiliate Networks

That’s a bit exaggerated as well, there are only 76 of them, but I think that’s more than enough, given that all large networks are present.

Mobvista, Avazu, Mobusi, ClickDealer, Glispa, Mundo Media, ClicksMob, Art Of Click, Digital Virgo, AppFlood, MobPartner, YeahMobi, Adsimilis, Big Bang Ads, MPIRE Network, Matomy Market, Wadogo, Bruce Lead, Motive Interactive,, Bidder place, Crobo, Taptica, Peerfly, Neomobile, F5 Media, Performance Revenues, Adxmi, SpykeMedia, Buongiorno, Neverblue, AdAction, Affiliaxe, Blind Ferret Media, Say CPA, Ad Bazaar, ZinQ Media, SevenGames Network, Clariad, Mobisummer,, ArabyAds, Lumata,, Adperio, WapEmpire, Brus Media, Kiss My Ads, UniLead, Mobite, Go-rilla, TheMobiAdz, CPAGrip, Ad4Game, PromoRich, Mobaloo, Adzone Media, RainyDayMarketing, vComission, Mobobeat, Tapgerine, MauLead, Linkadia, Publishers Internationale, mXpresso, BeyondSpark, Convert2Media, Sekomedia, Affiliati, Mobave, Leadhug, FrontLeads, Kin Affiliates, DomobMedia, Sammedia, AddsPro

Landing Download Feature

You could already see this feature in the adsxposed service, but, unfortunately, it’s not always available there. It often happens that it’s not possible to download the chosen landing, but in adplexity, on the contrary, landings are always available for downloading, except for the following cases:
a) you’re trying to download an ancient landing that was on the run, let’s say, in September 2015, and such landings aren’t stored in the system, and b) the landing is skillfully cloaked and you won’t get a part of its code.


A Tool for Watching Ads Inside Apps

It’s also quite a helpful thing for those who enjoy advertising in the networks that allow buying such traffic. Choose In-App in the menu and look what ads are displayed by certain applications.


Mobile Website Ads

Here you’ll find an all-time favorite banner service that monitors ads inside 25 exchanges with traffic of this kind. Thanks to that it’s possible to rip and study competitors’ banners.

PopUps & Redirects

Finally, the sweetest piece: tons of creatives collected from popup and redirect networks. Simply no other spying tool has a larger base. Not everyone succeeds in cloaking as it’s quite difficult; adplexity has a large pool of live IPs worldwide, that’s why all big sources are currently in full view. Surely, some are lucky enough to avoid being added into the service but these are the first private cloakers that will not become generally available in the nearest future. For example, one of such cloakers is worth $700, and it’s not a sure thing that it has the whole base of IP addresses. So, if you want to start working with traffic of this kind, you can’t do without adplexity.

Extra Goodies and a Case Study

Search by domains, a certain affiliate network, platform, etc. You can choose a placement time, for instance, during a week, month, 6 months, etc.

Here I want to stop and be more detailed about this stuff, giving my own case study on working with the service as an example.

Let’s say we want to start working with redirect traffic and installs (GooglePlay apps), but we don’t know exactly what to run and how. How can adplexity help us? Here’s my step-by-step guide:

1. Open the page and state a period of time. As we need relevant data, put 7-30 days, not more, as by choosing a longer period you may see the results that are no longer relevant, offers that have ended, etc.

2. We’re interested in redirect traffic, so choose it. Here we can also add popups to the search options as networks often offer two variants of traffic. Still, it’s up to you to decide.

3. Then we should choose an affiliate network, at least you should know where you’re going to target your traffic, so choose one of them. Here I’ll pick MundoMedia as an example, but you can select any popular network.

4. Now we need to sort landings by duration of their operation. To do that, choose Running Longest in the drop down list. With the help of this list you can also sort landings by the volume of received traffic. Choose what suits you the most.

5. Here’s the result. By the way, if instead of a landing we see a Google Play Store picture, this means that someone has wisely hidden oneself from the service, and as time goes there’ll be more results like that, making it way harder to search. Fortunately, this situation is yet rare and we’re interested in landings. Watch, choose, study: what landings are available, where they lead, what landings are used more often (a helpful hint; if others are actively using a certain landing, it’s a signal that the landing is operable and you can test it), what geos are run longer. Analyze all those factors and come to a corresponding conclusion.

You can study landings in English and see what countries they’ve been active in and for how many days, choose the geos that are run more consistently and longer. Also in the chart with links on the right you can see how many days a landing has been run and which affiliate networks are linked to the landing. Below we see the websites that accumulated the most of traffic, landings and networks with traffic where it was purchased There are also charts about duration of running by pubs and networks. By the way, the system can generate a chart that analyzes a certain network. To do that, choose the network in the drop down list.


So, we’ve received detailed information needed for work. All what’s left is to analyze and launch everything correctly. Another advantage of the service is that you don’t need to order translation of landings for testing. Again, here is one more hint: let’s say we’ve found a landing with a great volume of traffic and we want it but in a different language. We pick a donor’s domain and enter its name into search by advertisers. This will let us see all its landings. Usually the info includes complete data on geos and, as a rule, everything’s already translated. Repeat the same trick with other advertisers until you find the required languages.
Step 1

Step 2

Coupon -$50

This article turns out to be longer than expected, and I think I should come to an end, finally. Thanks to everyone who has read it, and now it’s time to talk about the price and goodies from me. The price of the service is $199, and only payments through PayPal are accepted at the moment. There are, of course, coupons and discounts on all private forums including STM, but they can’t be disclosed so I contacted the author and arranged a discount for my readers that I’ll share here. The author was so kind that he’s given us -$50 lifetime. That means having used my coupon once you’ll pay not $199 but $149 for the service as long as you use it. By the way, STM has the same discount so we’re lucky, I should say. So, the promo code is ‘ruaffiliate’.

I’ll show you how to use the coupon and get the discount in order to avoid any possible questions:
1. Sing up here:

2. Fill the form and don’t forget the coupon code ruaffiliate


3. If everything is ok, you’ll get -50$ lifetime discount

That’s all for now. Good luck and positive ROI for you!

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