AdPlexity Native: Review and $50 Discount Coupon

  • 2nd Apr 2017


Today I will share with you a new review and, traditionally, a brand new coupon code that will entitle you to a discount of $50 in a recently opened service dedicated to spying on your clients. It has been launched by guys from the AdPlexity service that you already know, but this time they offer a tool for native traffic. This tool has become widely known in professional circles, so if you are already aware of its functionality and visit this page simply to get the discount, head to the bottom of the page. Everyone else is welcome to read my review and learn more about this interesting tool.

Native Traffic

Let’s start with the basics: what is native traffic? Briefly speaking, these are all kinds of WOW-advertisements a la: “SHOCK! ‘Celebrity name’ has lost much weight” and so on, which are often referred to as “viral”. Such ads are posted on various websites with popular or not really popular trash content, and there are quite many native networks where traffic of this type can be bought and sold. What do they advertise? As a rule, such sources are used to promote various nutra: muscles, diet or skin; sweepstakes, CPA, and other similar stuff. Is that profitable? It is! This is one of the most interesting and delicious areas of affiliate marketing at the moment.

Now let’s return to the service. What do these masters of spying tools have to offer us this time?


I’ll review all the functions mentioned in the screenshot briefly in order to explore everything we get in this new service.

30 Countries

As expected, main geos only are available at the moment, but I think they will expand their spheres of interest in the nearest future. Currently, these countries are supported: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, France, South Africa, Romania, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, Philippines, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Colombia, Peru, Sweden, and Germany.

6 Traffic Sources

The biggest native traffic sources are available at the moment:
Outbrain, Mgid, RevContent, Taboola,, Yahoo Gemini

5 Devices

What devices will we spy on? Once again, everything most important is already included: PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Android tablets, and iPad.

100 Affiliate Networks

I’m not sure about 100 as I counted only 68, but they might add the remaining later: ClickSure, ClickBank, BOAElite, RewardsAffiliates, Neverblue, Oasis, Convert2Media, Insparx, ClickDealer, Mobvista, Adsimilis, HealthBeauty, Mobusi, Crobo, Affiliaxe, Affiliati, Mundo Media, Matomy Market, TheSocialMan, F5 Media, MaxBounty, Big Bang Ads, Ad4Game, Avazu, AboveAllOffers, AppFlood, ClicksMob, ReflexCash, vComission, AdAction, Glispa, Fluent, Peerfly, YeahMobi, Advidi, MarketHealth, MPIRE Network, Taptica, ZinQ Media, Aragon Advertising, Bruce Lead, YepAds, Motive Interactive, Wadogo, Adzone Media, EveryAds, Adperio, SpykeMedia, Digital Virgo, Bidder place, Art Of Click, Neomobile, Brus Media, Kin Affiliates, Blind Ferret Media,, MobPartner, Performance Revenues, RevenueLook,, UniLead, SevenGames Network, Tapgerine, DomobMedia, CPAGrip, Mobobeat, W2Mobile, RevenueGiants.

Ultra-Fast Search

Indeed, their search feature is quite fast and flexible; it has various filters and adjustments, and that is certainly good. In general, the functionality of their service resembles the mobile service by the same developer that I reviewed here. I found this convenient as I’ve been actively using the mobile AdPlexity for quite a while.

Landing Page Download

Just like the mobile version, AdPlexity Native has this awesome feature. What I really love about this service is the ability to download landing pages of others and don’t waste time and efforts on stuff like Scrapbook and similar.

Campaign Monitor

You can spy on campaigns of your competitors: how long have they been running a certain campaign, where do they buy traffic, what pubs give the most of traffic, and so on. This is also a must-have feature as something like that cannot be made manually.

Funnel Analyzer

You can have your competitors’ full conversion funnel right at your fingertips, from screenshots of a landing to all outgoing redirects.

These are all the features of this service. The only thing I can add is that you can use it the same way as AdPlexity Mobile. The services are much alike.


You can see all possible filters on the left: countries, devices, affiliate networks, sources, date, etc. At the top right of the page there are sorting features: display newest first, running longest or landings that received most traffic. It is possible to search competitors by keywords on the landing page, by domains, by pubs or networks, and add our “victims” to favorites in order to examine them in detail.

Those, who have already read my case study on AdPlexity Mobile use, may have understood that this service will be of a great use for novices who don’t know yet what native traffic is and what’s the best way to start. I will not repeat steps of using this service in order not to copy my own text, everything is done the same:

1. Search, what landing got most traffic or was running longest;
2. Analyze this competitor and add them to your bookmarks in the service in order to spy on them easier in future;
3. Analyze inbound and outbound URLs, linked websites and landing pages;
4. Try to copy.




The price of this creation is as much as $249, but at the moment I consider such a price absolutely reasonable. Those, who seriously work with this type of web traffic, understand that such functionality is offered for next to nothing. Moreover, as it is mentioned in the title of this article, readers of my blog can get a special discount of $50.

So, the coupon code is the same – ruaffiliate. By the way, now it works with any type of AdPlexity as there are currently three types of the service – mobile, native and desktop. Enter the coupon code in your registration form or use it with the already purchased subscription. To make the purchase, follow the link and register, and don’t forget to use the coupon code in the special field…


…and get the discount!
That’s all. Good luck in spying!