• 8th Jan 2016

I’m Mia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I’ve been working as a full time affiliate marketer for more than 2 years.

After reading some forums and learning from great STM experts and bloggers I started running mobile pin submits on display traffic and hit my first $200/daily campaign.

Then I mastered android installs with redirect/pop traffic sources.
It resulted in $1k+/daily caimpaign profits. I also have experience in pins, sweeps, app installs and more.

Now I work with my small team and sometimes I post something interesting on my Russian blog. Finally, I decided to translate my articles into English and add them all here. This blog is my hobby and I’m here whenever I have free time. This helps sharing knowledge with everyone interested in Affiliate Marketing.

As you might have already understood, I’m not a native speaker of English and I’m sorry for any possible mistakes.

AYou can also find me on STM.
Thanks for reading!